Think of this course as your "instruction manual" along with short videos to help DevOps teams learn how to configure and deploy Hopr sidecars with their workloads.

This onboarding course is self-paced. Read the articles listed below and watch the short videos while we are preparing the repository credentials and other sensitive information to provide your sidecar. You'll find that information on your Account page when they are ready.

Follow the sequence below, clicking on each article link to learn how to configure and deploy a Hopr Sidecar. Once your finished, we recommend you read the "Testing" article to ensure your sidecars are configured and operating correctly.

Once you complete these lessons, you'll have the knowledge and process to configure and deploy Hopr sidecars with your workloads.

Thank you for using Hopr. Please let us know how we can improve this course to make the experience more delightful.

This is a technical product. It's configuration and deployment requires DevOps skills

Extra Credit

We recommend you test your first sidecar after you deploy it with your host workload. These instructions will guide you through using Hopr's Test Endpoint to confirm that your sidecar is configured and working properly. Then you can confidently deploy additional sidecars

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