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A quick introduction to Hopr Sidecars (XTRA and K4C)

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Just starting out? This series of articles explains how to get Hopr XTRA up and running quickly for complete Synchronous Ephemeral Encryption without the complications of deploying automate PKI, certificates, and secrets managers!

What is XTRA?

eXceptionally Tamper Resistant APIs (XTRA) is a cutting-edge product designed to secure communication between two or more endpoints on networks within an organization where initial trust is the responsibility of DevOps. XTRA is deployed as two sidecar containers, a proxy and a web retriever. XTRA secures the communication between workloads, and prevents endpoint access by any untrusted sources. This guide will show you how to spin up a basic setup of XTRA.

Process Breakdown

The process occurs in three steps (each a separate article):

Get Ready! - Wallet? Check! Keys? Check! Kubernetes Environment?

Get Set! - Applied Configurations in Half the Time! ytt Templates

Go! - Deployment

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