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Step 2: Get Set

Working with the YAML files

NAME                        READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGEhopr-p2p-6d4687599c-w9p9b   4/4     Running   0          60s
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Now that we are ready with our Kubernetes environment, our Hopr license file, and our config.json file (Hopr repo access), we can set up our YAML files that are needed to install Hopr onto our Kubernetes environment.

Needed YAML files

For a point to point setup, we will need the following YAML files:

  • Namespace
  • Configmap with Envoy YAML
  • Configmap with test
  • Secret with docker configuration file
  • Secret with hopr license
  • MAID Volume
  • Deployment
  • Service

ytt Template

Don't worry, we packed a bag for you

For quick and convenient deployments of HOPR, you can leverage our ytt template. ytt templates help build configs for you, specialized to your environment. With ytt you'll set a few vars and let ytt do the rest of the work.

Check out our ytt Guide on how to install and leverage ytt. Hopr ytt Template Guide

If you do not wish to use ytt or just want more details on the YAML files that are needed, You can check out our eXTRA details section. XTRA details

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