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At Hopr, we recognize the growing importance of cybersecurity to life in globally digital society. Our mission is to help businesses protect their digital operations and data by re-thinking old problems and then innovating cybersecurity solutions to overcome them.

Photo of two engineers discussing CHIPS code in front of a computer in an office
Product. Hopr release the beta of its first API threat protection product, XTRA (eXceptionially Tamper Resistant Apis).
Venture Funded
Confidence. Hopr receives its first Seed stage venture funding exhibiting confidence from the venture community.
External Financing Begins
Fundraising. Hopr financing transitions from bootstrapped to external funding with an Angel investment.
PHS Patent Issued
Patent. The initial patent for CHIPS technology used in the Password Hopping System and Method is issued and published.
The Rise of the Machines
Pivot. Hopr recognizes the growing reliance on "machines" in the operation of the cloud and refocuses its technology and solutions to protecting non-human entities.
A Critical Problem
Protection. Hopr recognizes API's are vulnerable and adapts its CHIPS technology to API threat protection, and develops a moving-target defense for operating workloads.
Founder Funded
Bootstrapped. Steady and slow progress to bring password hopping to the market occurs with founder funding only (bootstrapped).
Patent Application
Invention. The invention for a password hopping system (PHS) and method is completed and submitted to the US Patent and Trademark Office
Password Hopping
Innovation. The initial prototyping of CHIPS focused on hopping the passwords of human users. Methods and code were developed and passwords hopped for multiple online applications and accounts.
Hopr Corporation Formed
Business. After some early consultation and market exploration to determine if CHIPS could be monetized in a business and how a "password hopping" service might operate, Hopr Corporation is legally formed.
"Double Trifecta" Loss
Problem. Hopr's founder is the victim of six data breaches in 18 months. The most painful was a healthcare insurance breach that also affected the data privacy of family members.
CHIPS Imagined
Imagination. After much research into how and why data breaches proliferate, Tom McNamara recognizes that time could be used against adversaries. The idea for Codes Hidden In Plain Sight is born.

Our Values

We want people to RAVE about us!

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Results. We value our commitments to achieve results. And believe the best results come from a team effort.

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Aptitude. We value lifelong learning and asking questions about difficult problems that lead to new or better solutions.

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Values. Living by the "golden rule", persistence, patience, trust, confidence, respect, and teamwork.

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Excellence. We value outcomes that move closer toward excellence. Especially with security.


Head shot photo of Tom McNamara
Tom McNamara
founder & Ceo
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Dr. Bill Lawrence
VP product engineering
Nick Hughes
VP, Product Engineering