Hopr named in the 2023 Gartner® "Emerging Tech: Security - The Future of Cyber Is AMTD" report

Serious about security

Hopr makes security a paramount priority from corporate operations to product development to customer services and support.

Animated abstract graphic of cloud machines operating with hopr kerberos for the cloud moving target defense

It starts with commitment

"As a cybersecurity company, security must be present in everything we do, from our foundation all the way through to our service to customers."
Tom McNamara, Founder and CEO

Earning Trust
To earn and keep trust, security regularly receives executive level attention.

Corporate processes and documentation are created, maintained, stored, and protected with encryption both in transit and at rest
Our protections include...
Agile DevSecOps
Continuous Testing
Security Controls
Independent Assessments
FIPS 140 Data Encryption
Customer Advisory Board
Agile DevSecOps
We break barriers and open the collaboration across development, security, and operations using automation to focus on rapid, frequent delivery of secure infrastructure and production software.
Continuous Testing
We use secure testing tools including Static Application Security Testing (SAST), Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST), Container Scanning, and Dependency Scanning.
Security Controls
We use state-of-the art, cloud-based secure control processes and environments for product development following the CIS cybersecurity framework.
Independent Assessments
Periodically, we leverage outside experts in vulnerability assessments and ethical hacking to identify potential vulnerabilities that may otherwise be unnoticed.
Data Encryption
All data, whether stored or in-transit, is encrypted with FIPS 140-2 and -3 approved libraries and we use strong identity and access controls.
Customer Advisory Board
Our security collaboration  extends to our customers. Selected customers can express security concerns and challenges that our technology may solve.
Abstract graphic icon of a containerized workload with rotating credentials.
Automated Moving-Target Defense
Our patented technology and protocols are strategic tools that use high-frequency movement of workload credentials to frustrate adversaries and prevent attacks.