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hopr’s innovations transform current products.

One username and password that gets you into all of your accounts and changes everyday.
A secrets manager that is cloud agnostic, rotates secrets as often as you want and update each system immediately.
An employee authentication solution that provides security of MFA with the convenience of SSO with only email.

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Rotate credentials at high frequency for a moving target defense
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Existing solutions rely on static or semi-static credentials that are easy targets for adversaries
Secure both the identity and secret credentials
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Some solutions may secure one credential (identity or secret) but not both at the same time
Verify trust in an identity per session
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Automated PKI certificate identities seldom rotate and lack a chain of trust
Scale in real-time in all environments
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Existing solutions can't operate across all environments in real time
Harden client and server endpoints
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Existing solutions may protect one machine endpoint, but not both
Tamper-proof data in transit between endpoints
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Existing solutions may  use TLS or mTLS, but these may not secure the entire route
Reject all malicious traffic at each endpoint
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Existing solutions may scan traffic, but can't scan traffic they don't see
Eliminates the "secret zero" problem since secrets aren't stored
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Existing solutions need secrets stores and create of secrets until there is a secret zero

Producing Business Value

Innovative features are important, but increasing business value is the chief reason you should add Hopr's moving-target defense to your security architecture.
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Lower cyber risk

The high frequency movement of defensive perimeters that protect workloads and data starves adversaries of the information they need to launch an attack.

Fast time to value
Fast time to value

The added protection from Hopr's moving-target defense is up and running in less than one week from the time of initial registration of an Enterprise's workloads with Hopr.

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Easy, low-friction adoption

Hopr's solution is lightweight, has only a few configuration steps, and is easily integrated in containers with existing workloads in production. No modifications of applications or APIs is necessary.

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Complements existing defenses

Hopr’s MTD augments existing defenses and works with security tools such as gateways and firewalls. The added layer of security enhances the overall performance of existing enterprise security tools.

How our Moving Target Defense delivers value

Credentials are a prime target for adversaries. Forensics analysts know that adversaries spend 90% of their time in planning an attack and only 10% in the attack. We'll describe how we make credentials fast-moving targets and prevent attacks.
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No symmetric key exchange
Each key stays within its originating machine.
No symmetric key storage
Ephemeral keys auto-destruct at end of each session.
Secure messaging
End-to-end encryption of messages over any channel
No secrets injection
Endpoints build their key and decrypt inbound messages.
Insensitive to the Cloud
The technology works across all clouds
Lightweight and fast
Low-code automation and simplicity increase velocity


Harden API Endpoints

It's like mTLS but simpler and more powerful. End-to-end encryption with self-rotating keys harden APIs at each session. Successful message decryption verifies trust between Apps and APIs.
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Protect sensitive data

Time-sensitive data remains private when protected with ephemeral end-to-end encryption through our CHIPS technology. Sensitive data is tamper-proof until it is processed.

Secrets and Machine Identity Management

Our automated self-rotating secrets and blockchain machine identities solution works across all clouds and dramatically reduces the centralized storage of machine static credentials
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