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A new kind of defense

Kickstart your next project and grow your revenue with this high-converting, beautifully crafted template.

hopr secures machine identities and secrets
Start a new project
Improve your SERPs
Grow your revenue
The fastest loading speed
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Integrates with 2,000+ tools
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Wonder is a high-converting template for tech and Saas startups. Wonder cuts the time and cost it takes to build an effective website.

One template, all you need.

We agonize over the details to make sure that our templates are high-converting and high-performing while being easy to use and to integrate with all your favorite tools.

Ready to go
Just add your content and you are ready to launch.
Once you’re happy with the changes, you can publish your site with the click of a button.
Wonders is...
Fast and scalable
Clean and modern
Easy to use
Easy customization
With the Webflow Editor, you can create and edit content right on your page, so there’s no need to navigate a messy backend CMS.
Fast loading speed
Lightning-fast, ultra-reliable hosting with AWS and Fastly. Want to increase sales? Make your site load faster. Search engines and users will love you.
Professional design
Our templates are mobile responsive and designed with purposely selected layouts, colors, and fonts. See the results in your bottom line.
2,000+ integrations
Webflow integrates seamlessly with 2,000+ tools. Use integrations for apps such as Facebook Lead Ads, Slack, Quickbooks, and many more.
Top security
Don't worry about spam and hackers, Webflow will protect you with enterprise-grade security, so that you can have a good night of sleep. Always.
Get running fast
Just add your content and you are ready to launch. Once you’re happy with the changes, you can publish your site with the click of a button.
Flexible blog
Wonder comes with a clean and modern blog to help your conquer the search engine and educate your users about your amazing product.

"There is clearly nothing like this in the entire world."

Senior Director, Global IT Research Firm

"You took a lot of pre-existing tech and are using it in a new way. It’s a new protocol, and way more secure than the myriad of protocols that are out there."

Research Director, Global IT Research Firm

"As a red teamer, I can't even begin to think how I might attack an enterprise that's using your technology. It would cause real problems for attackers."

Chief Operating Officer, BreachBits

"This is extremely dope!"

DevSecOps Engineer

Don't create secrets, craft them.

The world is filled with data and content that is always changing. Why not use it to craft a secret versus having to come up with your own every time?
Craft secrets
secrets hopping icon

The worst secret is a static secret. 

Static secrets are the achilles heel of all modern credentials. If you can rotate them consistently, you’re onto something.

The best secret is hidden in plain sight.

Hackers excel at finding your secrets. So don't try to lock them away, hide them in the open.
hidden in plain sight

Scalable, easy
to maintain

Webflow hosting is lightning fast, and comes with enterprise grade uptime, scalability and security. Automatic backups, painless editing, collaboration, and straightforward SEO controls will make your website a pleasure to use.
cerebus 3-headed dog icon
created by Icons Producer from The Noun Project
encryption key created by Vectors Point, PK from The Noun Project


We looked to the design patterns of Kerberos and Public Key to inspire a new kind of defense. They emphasize math and trusted third parties. We leverage time and hiding the secret in plain sight.