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Frequently asked questions

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What contact does Hopr have with my customer's data?

Hopr does not remove and customer data from your networks. And no Hopr proprietary code is in contact with your customer's data when it passes through a sidecar. The code that 'touches' your customer data as it ingresses and egresses the sidecar is highly maintained and vetted open source software (Envoy proxy and the AES 256 GCM library).

How is key generation for SEE™ synchronized?

Sidecars self-synchronize during secrets construction using their CHIPS™ algorithm. The client (the initiating workload) in a communication session builds its symmetric key first and the server (the workload receiving the encrypted client message) builds its symmetric key when the encrypted message is received (at nearly the same time as the client built its key).

How many API calls are in a session?

A "session" is like a conversation between two trusted workloads. It can be a series of API calls (from a client) and responses (from the API/server) needed to complete a service or function. Any number of API calls can occur in a session and the exact number depends on how an application is configured.

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