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 password hopping
Passwords that don't change are the biggest risk to keeping things safe. We’ve come up with a way to make passwords dynamic.
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Changes Every Day

We change your password every day. But it changes in a way that makes it easy to use when you need it.

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Hidden in Plain Sight

We send you a message with over 100 words. One of those words is your password of the day, but only you know which word it is - it's hidden in plain sight.

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Use Your Formula

Your formula reveals which of those 100 words is your dynamic password.

How It Works

Get Your Message

The 100 words we send you daily are real news headlines.

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Find Your Password

Your formula reveals which word is your password that is hidden plain sight
Let’s say your formula is: second headline, second word

Your password for the day would be “election”

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Sign in with hopr

Use your hopr username and password anywhere that accepts our dynamic credentials.

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sign in with hopr for a better experience and stronger security
Usability Value

Over 86% of CIOs responding to a 2019 survey reported that user experience will become their main competitive differentiator by 2021

Gartner Reasearch

Business Risk

Stolen or compromised credentials were the cause of 19% of reported data breaches in 2020. And the average total cost to businesses was $4.77 million

Ponemon Institute

How does hopr help your business?

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Benefits if we hop your customers' credentials

You don't store customers’ credentials

You don’t deal with account resets, we do

Benefits if we hop your employees' credentials

Their accounts are much safer with dynamic credentials

Your company data and systems are better protected

Benefits if we hop your machines' credentials

Your API keys are much safer with dynamic keys

Your company's data and systems are better protected

Can hopr authenticate people (users) to their accounts at my business?

Yes. hopr performs authentication "as a service" for businesses needing strong security and simplicity for their customers.

How does hopr authenticate users to my business systems?

We use APIs. Once we authenticate a user's login credentials, we send a REST API message to your system endpoint. hopr provides the API code and documentation for you to implement.

Is hopr a Privileged Access Management (PAM) tool?

No. We integrate with PAM tools improving privilege access with dynamic credentials that are easier to implement and use by privileged users of all levels, including machines.

Is hopr a password manager?

No. Rather than storing passwords like traditional password managers, hopr involves users in their own security with a personalized formula that is easy to remember and use. There are no stored passwords, vaults, or wallets!

How are my daily headlines sent to me?

hopr sends headlines via email and text messages.

How do I get a formula?

You create your formula when you first sign up with hopr.

What determines a 'word' in hopr's headlines?

Words in hopr's headlines are separated by spaces only. Any string of characters between two spaces is considered a 'word' hidden in plain sight. So the news headline "$400 million found in a Caribbean shipwreck" contains 7 words. The first word would be: $400

How do I know when my passwords have hopped?

hopr sends new headlines whenever your passwords hop.

Does hopr change my passwords in my online accounts when a hop occurs?

No. hopr operates external to a site's business systems to authenticate you and then notifies the business via a secure message.

How does hopr guarantee against weak or reused passwords?

hopr's patent pending system includes an algorithm that makes sure your dynamic passwords are always strong (at least 6 characters) and not a repeat of a dynamic password that you have received in the recent past.

How are dynamic passwords an improvement over existing 2FA services?

Dynamic passwords can include both something you know and something you have in a single easy-to-use password. 2FA is enter password, get a message, enter a code. hopr is get a message, enter your password. There's one less action.