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Synchronous Ephemeral Encryption

Synchronous Ephemeral Encryption (SEE™) is a novel protocol that builds end-to-end encrypted communications channels without a key exchange. The hardened channels protect data over the entire route between two workloads in any cloud.

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As cyber threats become more sophisticated, legacy encryption protocols like TLS and mTLS may not provide adequate protection for sensitive data in transit. SEE's end-to-end encryption ensures that data remains confidential and maintains its integrity at all times, even when passing through multiple cloud environments. This level of protection is especially important considering the upcoming challenges posed by quantum computing, which has the potential to break existing cryptographic systems. Implementing end-to-end encryption without key exchange significantly reduces the attack surface and helps enterprises maintain the highest level of data security in an increasingly connected world.

To ensure data confidentiality and integrity, the encrypted communication channels built from SEE™ are continuous between workloads across all clouds. SEE™ overcomes the coverage gaps associated with legacy transport security protocols.

SEE™ produces identical symmetric encryption keys at each workload at the time a session begins. And the keys remain with each workload rather than passed to other workload endpoints as is customary with authentication.

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