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Sidecar Log Statements

Details on a variety of log messages produced by Hopr Sidecars

NAME                        READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGEhopr-p2p-6d4687599c-w9p9b   4/4     Running   0          60s
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Documentation of log messages for monitoring and debugging.

Log Messages

License expired or invalid! Shutting down...

Explanation: License file is invalid/expired or not available

CHIPS algorithm not found or problem retrieving secret

Explanation: Chips algorithm that was provided is not valid

No MAID file to read!

Explanation: MAID File does not exist or can not be accessed. Normal on first run of new workload.

Need a license key for MAID storage

Explanation: HOPR XTRA license key needed

New Connection: <XTRA-Connection>

Explanation: New Connection Initiated

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