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A list of common terms and definitions used in Hopr articles

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CHIPS™ - Codes Hidden In Plain Sight, an innovative, patented technology that generates seed material for identical symmetric keys at two separate locations anywhere around the globe.

Container Runtime Environment - Infrastructure and software components responsible for executing and managing containerized applications. It includes the necessary tools, libraries, and services that enable the creation, deployment, and execution of containers.

Docker - An open-source platform for creating, deploying, and managing lightweight containers. It provides a way to package applications and their dependencies into a standardized unit called a Docker container, which can run consistently across different environments, such as development machines, testing environments, and production servers.

Envoy - an open source networking proxy developed by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Hopr - A cybersecurity technology innovator developing advanced cybersecurity tools.

K4C - Kerberos For Cloud, an advanced security product that extends the capabilities of XTRA, enabling secure communication without sharing secrets.

Kubernetes - An open-source container orchestration platform for automating the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. It was originally developed by Google and is now maintained by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Kubernetes provides a highly scalable and resilient infrastructure for running applications in production environments.

MAID™ - Machine Alias Identity, a workload identity credential assigned to workloads.

SEE™ - Synchronous Ephemeral Encryption, a novel protocol to build end-to-end encrypted communications channels between two trusted workloads, without a key exchange.

Sidecar - A common software design pattern that applies additional functions to host workloads to enable capabilities that are not easily performed by a host application

XTRA - eXceptionally Tamper Resistant APIs, a product for securing communication between endpoints on networks.

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