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Learn about the Future of Cyber

Gartner has described Automated Moving Target Defense (AMTD) as the "Future of Cyber," Are you ready?

The first webinar is September 27, 2023
1200 noon EDT

Join us for this educational series as we explore how AMTD will change cybersecurity, why it is needed now, and how it works.

Join our Introductory Session is on Wednesday, September 27, 2023, noon EDT

Explore an emerging cybersecurity innovation over five short sessions

speaker introducing a topic
Session 1
What is AMTD?

An introductory session discussing the fouremain elements of an automated moving target defense: Targets, Obfuscation, Movement, and Automation.

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Session 2
Why is AMTD Needed?

An overview of the threat landscape and the performance of existing solutions to defend against the speed and scale of modern cloud threats.

icon of a moving archery target
Session 3
What does AMTD do?

You may think that the name says it all, but their are collateral cybersecurity benefits that the better AMTD solutions provide. This session will look at other AMTD features that strengthen security.

abstract graphic of a cloud and machine with an identity
Session 4
Machine Identity Trust

Identity trust is the foundation of an cybersecurity defense. You need to recognized friend from foe. This session looks at machine identity shortcomings and a novel approach to trustworthy machine identities.

cloud with encrypted communication channel between endpoints
Session 5
Synchronous Ephemeral Encryption

AMTD prevents attacks on endpoints holding valuable data, it also protects the data in transit and authenticates trusted machine connections without passing a key where it can be found and stolen.